Life’s too Short Reaction.

By: Shanise Lachelle

As we get ready for Asespas second mini album, they’ve released an all English promo single. Let’s get into it!

By looking at the promo pictures I just knew we were getting a slower song. It was giving me forever vibes, soft and kawaii. And I wasn’t wrong at all. Life’s too Short is a message to the haters that no matter what Aespa are going to keep doing what they love and the haters should worry about themselves! And I couldn’t agree more actually.

Ever since they’ve debuted, they have been met with so much hate it’s absolutely ridiculous. From karina getting hate for getting promoted first, NingNing getting hate for being Chinese, The Aespa avatar idea got them hate and so on.

It’s like no matter how many new fans they gained they also gained tons more haters and I didn’t get it until recently.

Every girl in Aespa is a all rounder. They can sing, dance and rap. Not to mention the vocals that every member produces is strong. And any one of them could be a lead vocal if need be. Not every group has a strong vocal presence like that.

Karina for example is part of the rap line and dance line, but totally shows off her vocal range in this song and I was very impressed. I honestly didn’t know she had it in her.

I give this single 4/5, only because I was hoping for something faster and with a hard hitting choreography. But I get not every single has to be like that and they have to show different sides to them. This is the softer and vocal side. And MYS are eating it up. The girls sound amazing and look well refreshed.

I can’t wait to see what else their mini album GIRLS has in store for us. I love Illusion and I love Lifes too Short. And would’ve preferred a video to illusion but I like what we got with life’s to short and I LOVED the message behind it.

Let me know your feelings about the new singles so far in the comments down below.

And as always until next time friends…

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