Left and Right review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Left and Right , the brand new single from Charlie Puth and Jungkook has been out for a few weeks now. And I wanted to hate it so bad , because I’m not a huge fan of Charlie. But it turns out it’s a bop and I shouldn’t even be surprised. So let’s dig into it.

The song is a cute pop bop about missing an old lover and not being able to get them out of your head. The boys vocals go magically well together and melts together like chocolate.

I may be bias , but jungkook steals the show and sounds so amazing. I know it’s been a long dream of his to fully collaborate with Charlie, so I’m happy he’s finally being able to.

The video is also super colorful and cute. With jungkook showing off some fun acting skills!

This part here had to be one of my favorite jungkook moments in the video. he’s truly just so precious!! Also this pink fit he had on, he just looked so AMAZING. never knew I needed jungkook in a pink jean set until now!!! The stylist deserves a RAISE!

I give the song 5/5, it’s super catchy and ends up getting stuck in your head. Left and right shall be on repeat this summer. I’ll give kudos where it’s due, well done Charlie Puth.

Have you listened to Left and Right yet?! Let me know your thoughts on the single down below.

And as always, until next time friends!


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