More Reaction!

By: Shanise Lachelle

J-Hope is the very first member of BTS to go solo during their break and faze two of Bts. Hope is an incredible artist, dancer, producer and member of Bts . So I had absolutely zero doubts that he wouldn’t smash it out of the park!

More” is the first single off J-Hopes new upcoming album titled JACK IN THE BOX.

The song is a mixture between old school hiphop and rock music. Which shouldn’t go together, but in the typical hope fashion , he makes it go together super well . As expected the single goes super hard and shows off a different side to the bts member.

The single is about wanting more and never being satisfied. Which can be a good thing or a burden. He talks about how he’s had the fame and money and it doesn’t do anything for him anymore. What keeps him alive is his passion for music and his fans. And he wants more of that! I loved every thing about this single and the lyrics! The video makes the song even better, as hobi is known for being upbeat , bright, and colorful. But Jack in the Box hobi seems to be a little more dark and mature. And I’m all for it, he’s finally able to show us a different side without worry about how the K-pop/ bts fandom will feel. This new venture for hope , I feel like will be us seeing him TRULY for the very first time .

I give the single 5/5, because I too want MORE. Have you listened to “More” yet?? What are your thoughts on the single!? Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always friends, until next time.

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