Boys Like You Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Boys Like You is Itzys first English single and the fans are divided, let’s get into it.

Boys Like You was released fresh off their American Tour and it was met with mixed reactions. In my humble opinion, the song was cute and very Americanized. It gave Disney/Taylor swift vibes, which I’m sure which is what JYP was going for. The girls look cute and sound good of course, and the song works. Is it my favorite song of theirs?! Absolutely not. But I get the purpose of it, to generate American buzz for them ahead of their tour! and it definitely worked and had all the American media talking about them.

The girls definitely killed it and worked with what they were given, and the song is a sassy I hate boys anthem. Which we the people love, it just was a little cheesy. But Boys like you definitely works. And she’s slays , just not as hard as her counterparts.

What did you think of Boys Like You? Let me know in the comments down below. And as always… until next time friends…


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