Cheshire Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

We’re back with another Itzy post! Fresh off sneakers and that being a sleeper hit that divided the fandom, we’re back with yet another comeback! Let’s get into it….

Itzy has one hell of a year, with comeback after comeback! And all of them have been so different and so amazing. From Sneakers to Boys Like you. The girls have given us enough music and content to technically take a year break.

Cheshire is so wicked and so much fun. It’s super sleek but still with their typical girl crush concept. The chorus is super catchy- LA LA LALA WHY SO SERIOUS?! Yejis vocals really standing out in Cheshire. But all of the girls looking and sounding better than ever. The song is a definite trip and reminds you off Alice in wonderland. It’s definitely the complete opposite of SNEAKERS.

I do hope the girls get a break after this comeback, seeing as they just got off a world tour!! But one things for sure, they’re are killing it! And should be on everyone’s Ult list.

What did you think of Cheshire? Let me know in the comments down below. And always until next time friends…


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