Ditto Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

New jeans are back,( they never really left), and with another Hit added to their growing list.

The song is very calming and but also you’ll find yourself getting up to dance and just move. “ stay in the middle like you a little” . The girls vocals sound great and the song feels like it could be in montage of romantic K-drama.

The song is about having a crush on someone but not wanting to fully put themselves out there until they know how the other person feels.

Hybe continues to let the girls grow but be completely their age and not over sexualize them! The video focus on the girls in school bonding and having fun. When it ends you see the other girls weren’t really there and it leads to a bunch of conspiracies. There’s two versions and I’ve only watched one. ( will update when I’ve seen both.) the music video totally gives All of us Are Dead Vibes.

New jeans continues to be on the right path and their music continues to excites fans! Can’t wait to see the live performances of Ditto. And I’m so proud of K-pop’s newest little sisters!! They’re doing so well and hybe seems to be taking great care of them.

Let me know what you thought about Ditto down below in the comments. And as always until next time friends….


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