Astronaut Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi besties, we’re back with another Bts solo post and this time it’s about our Hyung SEOKJIN.

The Astronaut is a feel good song written by Coldplay just for our very own Jin! And I couldn’t think of a better collaboration than this! This song feels like SEOKJIN, and it feels like warmth and home. It feels sad but happy all at once. It feels bittersweet.

Watching the video didn’t make it any better, I totally sobbed watching it for the first time. Hearing Jin’s vocals with the message of the video just took me out.

The video and single is fresh off the news that the bts members will indeed be enlisting this year, stating with Jin in the next month or so. So it hits a little harder ,And it definitely hits hard knowing jin said the video was about leaving army and the boys behind. But keeping his love strong and that we would all be reunited soon.

I love that hybe has let each member and their solo be entirely THEM. Nothing seems forced , and it makes the boys look and feel more comfortable knowing they can put out the music they want too.

I’m so happy jin was given this song and opportunity to show off his talent and love for army. As our loving , silly , Hyung. We love you dearly and we are so proud of you in every way! Army will be right here when you get out! And this single is a MASTERPIECE!!!

SEOKJIN..,, Thankyou! I will hold this song so close to my heart.

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