Smile Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hello friends , we’re back with another horror movie review! So let’s get into it, but before we do please make sure you’re subscribed so you can stay update with everything AstoldByShanise.

Smile has been dominating every horror blog, with everyone saying it was the scariest movie they’ve seen in AGES. I was a little skeptical, because everytime something is over hyped, it usually doesn’t deliver.

But with smile I was left utterly terrified and so very much satisfied!

Smile follows Psychologist Rose when one her patients kills herself in front of her at her place of work. All while complaining of being terrified of SOMETHING that’s haunting her and smiling while doing so.

I found myself feeling so sad and defeated for the main character ROSE. I won’t post any spoilers, but the ending definitely leaves way for a sequel. And I’m very much intrigued to see where they can go with it.

The film was full of jump scares and frightening sequences, I’m not one for jump scares but a few caught me off guard.

I would definitely give this film 5/5 and say it was one my favorite horror releases this year. Go see it!!

It definitely has a lot of triggers and I wish they would have put a trigger warning before hand. While a horror film it also heavily deals with trauma and mental illness. It’s a pretty heavy film, but still enjoyable.

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