Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi guys, Happy Hump Day! We’re back with another Horror Review. This time we will be talking about A24s BODIES BODIES BODIES.

BodiesBodies Bodies is such a fun, gory , and unexpected horror film. It takes you on so many twists and Turns, you never know where it’s gonna go.

The movie follows a group of friends having a hurricane party, when they decided to play a game that turns deadly. This movie is smart in the way ALL of the characters are snobby and unlikeable so you end up not liking any of them. And at one point you’re confused as to who the actual killer is.

I kind of thought this movie was overhyped until I watched it and fell in-love! I love how annoying the characters were, it had the right amount of comedy, and the queer content was just right and believable.

If you haven’t seen BODIES, BODIES, BODIES yet do yourself a favor and go watch it immediately. It’s highly entertaining on every end.


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