Horror I’ve Recently Watched

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy Spooktober babes! Here we are back with another horror I’ve watched recently. I honestly liked so more than others, so let’s get into it.

Bodies. Bodies. Bodies

Believe the hype when it comes to BODIES. Bodies. BODIES. It’s super funny and absolutely ridiculous! I never knew where this movie was going and enjoyed every bit of it! Definitely check it out, not much horror. But a lot of humor and gore!

The Deep House

The Deep House was a movie I randomly picked and liked the entire concept of an haunted under water house. It fell through half way and we kind of lost the plot and excitement. But it was for sure one of a kind and the actors did their best to bring the script alive. More creepy than scary, but definitely worth the watch.

Mr. Harrigans Phone

Based off a Stephen king shirt Story, I expected so much more from this Netflix adaptation. To say I wasn’t impressed and wouldn’t recommend it to ANYONE, says a lot. The actors were phenomenal, but the story was BORING.

What’s some recent horror you’ve watched lately? Let me know in the comments down below.

And until next time friends…..


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