Favorite BTS collaborations.

By : Shanise Lachelle

Today we’re going to be talking about the recent BTS collaborations they’ve done while on “hiatus “ and rate which ones I’ve enjoyed the most. Let’s get into it…..

1. For obvious reasons and honest reasons I enjoyed jungkook and Charlie’s collab the most. The song is super catchy and the video is so endearing.

2. Goes to jhope and crush! The dance and the flow of the song is so damn cool, it just makes you want to dance. I’m aware this is crush’s song, but jhope comes in and absolutely kills it and steals all the attention!


This was a very intriguing collaboration because I didn’t know of the previous artists. The whole video gives me 90s artsy film vibes and I loved it. This is definitely a song that has to grow on me but I enjoy the vibes! And namjoon completely bodied his verse!


This was a collaboration none of us knew we needed but got anyway! And I’ll tell you what, it was exceptional!!! The dance, the acting, the western aesthetics was EVERYTHING. Not to mention this choreography had the K-pop world in a chokehold for weeks! This collaboration was top tier! And one of my absolute favorite collaborations.

I’m so excited to see what the others have cooking and to see who they choose to make music with. I’m definitely enjoying the “break” that BTS are on. They’re definitely coming into their own as artists and making great music.

What has been your favorite Bts collab so far? And who do you wish them to collab with in the future??


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