New Jeans OMG Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

New Jeans just keeps topping themselves! And this time it’s with Omg , the follow up single to super hit Ditto.

The super entertaining video where they’re all mental patients into where the choreography is super cool, laid back and flows into each other. The entire team behind New Jeans is doing everything right.

Every song of theirs thus far gets stuck in your head and gets trending on TikTok within minutes! and Omg might just be one of their best songs yet.

Omg follows the theme of Ditto, where the girls wants to know how their crush feels and how exciting it gets when they come around. And it’s just like “omg omg , I was hoping he would come through”. The song is age appropriate and the video is so fun!

From the aesthetics, the girls deadpan acting, breaking the fourth wall, and killing their choreography, Omg is sure to be the first Hit from a girl group in 2023!

If I had to bet my money on any group right now, it would be New Jeans. They’re are coming in hot for that number one spot. And I’m backing them all the way.

Have you seen Omg and Ditto yet? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comment down below… and until next time friends….


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