Cheshire Album Favorites

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends , I’ve finally listened to CHEsire and I’m ready to list my favorites in order . So let’s get into it, but before we do please make sure you’re following my blog and you’re subscribed! That way you can be up to date with every new post and news coming your way in 2023!!

1. Snowy- she is TOP TIER!

2. Freaky- may be one of my favorite Itzy songs ever to exist!

3. Cheshire- much love for our title track! She did what needed to be done!

4. Boys like you- as someone who grew up on Disney music, this is not bad. And the more you listen to it the more you love it. The video makes it 100x better of course!

What’s your Cheshire favorites? Let me know down below.

And as always until next time friends….


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