I’m here and I’m Queer

By :Shanise Lachelle

Happy New year , and this year I’m all about stepping into my true identity and allowing my space to be open and safe for other POC queer folks! As a baby queer myself , I still have so much to learn and can’t wait to change the heteronormative agenda that’s been implanted in my head for all of my 31 years of existence!

It’s truly been a journey for as long as I can remember but especially since 2017 when I finally started questioning myself and what I actually wanted.

2019 I cut my hair off and “playfully” stared experimenting with different pronouns . I also started talking to a few different girls. But it wasn’t until 2022 that I had I my first lesbian situation-ship , that I knew I was actually a lesbian. And could never, go back to dating a M*N. Even though the situation was toxic and nearly put me in grippy socks, it confirmed everything in me that I had been wondering about for years secretly.

All the “ AM I GAY QUIZZES”, and secretly obsessing over Lesbian themed shows, and my ever growing disgust with the male gender, being the happiest during pride month, started to make so much more sense!

I had found myself and when I tell you a WEIGHT was lifted off my shoulders and I felt so free for the first time ever. I know the LGTBQIA was where I was supposed to be and felt the most ME.

My blog will still be 50% K-pop , but it will also be incorporating MORE queerness, and so much more. If that isn’t to your liking, kindly unfollow me now.

It’s only about to get GAYER from here=]

To my she’s, theys, and Gays, let’s do this!! And let’s embark on the safest and healthiest 2023 we can manage babes!!


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