Favorite New Jeans Singles

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, we’re halfway through the week and we’re making it! So let’s sit back and relax and update our favorite New Jeans singles list in order. As always if you like my content, please subscribe! Thank you so much for stopping bye.

1. Omg- she just deserves this number one spot. She’s been stuck in my head on a L O O P.

2. Hype boy- will always give me complete and utter nostalgia. Love everything about this single!

3. Ditto- another new release and is already a instant classic! It’s so cute and fresh . And totally feels like falling in love for the first time.

4. Attention- their debut single which put them on the map. She’s always gonna be THAT GIRL.

5. Cookie- even though it’s a complete bop , the lyrics kind of make you side eye the producers and writers for giving it to an underage girl group.

All in all NEW JEANS never misses, each single release tops the next. And they continue to perfect their craft, music , and stage performances. I’m so pumped to see where else the girls of NEW JEANS are going to go.


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