Least favorite/most annoying characters of television history

Have you ever watched one of our favorite shows back and go” wow so and so was actually so annoying ” how did my teenage self actually like this character?! Thank god for growth and maturity am I right!? Anywho here’s some of the most annoying characters ever from some of my favorite shows of the last 10 years!!

One tree hill- Lucas and hailey!!

When I was younger I loved Lucas and hailey and felt like they were the only good ones of the show. Now watching back, hailey and Lucas get on my damn nerves with all their morals and sitting on their high horses judging everybody. Eugh

Gossip Girl- xoxo you know you love me. Serena’s and dan and Jenny . Serena just thought the world revolved around her and fell inlove WITH EVERY SINGLE GUY THAT SAID SHE WAS PRETTY🙄. Jenny was just annoying and I hated how they wrote her character. She went from sweet and cute to annoying little brat. I was happy when she left the show to do music. ( the pretty reckless is my SHIT). Dan fucking Humphrey 🙄🙄🙄, another normal guy who is so much better than the rest cause he’s middle class and a “writer “. Not to mention his true sides came out more than once and he was just as ruthless as the others!! And he ended up being gossip girl which in hindsight I should’ve seen coming.

Teen Wolf- Allison. She wasn’t annoying until she found out about beacon hills/supernatural stuff. But she wasn’t as annoying as the others on the list. She just got on my nerves sometimes. And I was mad when the actress left the show to do “other acting jobs” and didn’t do any for years…. so looks like she should’ve rode that ride out. I would have. It’s a paying job with a huge and loyal fan base.

Vampire Diaries- Elena, Elena, Elena. Oh my god just watch vampire diaries back and she was so ridiculous for no reason and they really tried to make us believe that Stefan and DAMON was inlove with her?! For what?! She was so bland as a human and only became exciting when she was a vampire. And when Katherine was around. Other than that… I don’t see the Elena hype other than she was the boring moral compass. Maybe it’s the way Nina dobrev played her . But her acting as Katherine and when Elena turned off her humanity -*chef kiss*

The Originals- marcel! I tried over and over to relate to him and see his side of the story, homeboy was annoying from the moment he got on the screen . And whined way to much like damn. We get it , klaus was a shitty father figure.

Watch some of these shows back and watch these characters, you might agree with me.

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