What do we think?

By: Shanise Lachelle

Now that little Mix have decided to continue as a 3 piece, what do we think their new music will sound like? I’m interested to see their new sounds with just 3 voices and how their HARMONIES will sound now. Will they stick to their winning pop formula like glory days and Confetti? Or will they salute and LM5 it? Or will it be a mix of both!? There’s been rumors swirling that the girls have music already planned and ready to go for the next album/single, and alot of collabs have been floating around. I’m never keen on their collabs, as they always seem pointless. But if it’s a good person with a great song and the RIGHT promo, I feel like they could finally smash it.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for success. Their next steps could make them or break them.

Who do we want to see little mix collab with? And what sounds do we want to hear from their next album.

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