Respect Kim Namjoon!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

If you’ve been on the kpop side of TikTok the last few weeks you’ve absolutely seen this video of Joon rapping in his early days go viral. At first it started off as a harmless joke between ARMY and we had a good laugh for a bit. Then it turned into this viral video that NON kpop stans are using on their videos and making fun of him. It’s even starting to get more traction than his solo work and this is where as Army, we need to not cross the line.

We as army have so much power to get things trending and often time we get the wrong things trending and attention. Even though it started off maybe a harmless joke before, it’s definitely gotten out of control lately and it just adds to the fact that alot of army and kpop stans don’t respect namjoon or take him seriously.

OF ALL of his solo work to go viral, why was this “joke” the one?!? I will honestly admit I haven’t gotten around to listening to the entire of joons solo works and there’s alot of his songs I STILL don’t know. But I have listened to a few and I definitely appreciate him as an artist and the amazing leader of BTS. I think it speaks volumes how some army see him. Like he’s disposable. Now the other side of TikTok will click on this sound and further more not take namjoon or BTS seriously as artists. Not to mention army has taken it so far to start posting it on Namjoons personal letter to army about his mental health. That’s not okay, at any moment that man decides to open up to us , shouldn’t be taken for granted. Namjoons brain and craft seriously goes over alot of your heads . The man is a lyrical genius, and I LOVE the way he writes things and how he sees things. As a writer/poet myself , his words are magical and something to look up to.

I just think as an entire fandom we should do better. BTS deserves better and so does Namjoon. He gives his all for BTS and ARMY. Let’s stop letting him down and appreciate him more! Let’s hype up his solo work more . Noone deserves it more than JOONIE!!!

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