Favorite Calming BTS songs Part:1

By: Shanise Lachelle

Over the last 7 or so years BTS has released over 20 mini and full albums. The entire of Bangtans musical history shows great growth from start to recent. There might be some questionable songs in their early works, but every song is truly a BOP in its own right and they don’t have not ONE bad song.

Over the past year of becoming a Bts fan, I’ve noticed they’ve accumulated alot of healing songs specifically made for their number 1 lovers( ARMY), or their significant others, but that’s a topic for another day. And I’ve never been a part of a fandom that loves their fans so much they dedicate more than ONE song to them. Here’s my list of absolute favorite calming BTS songs. Songs that make me feel like the main character at every moment in my life. Songs that heal me. Songs I hold so near and dear to me.

1. Butterfly

2. O0:00 (Zero 0 clock)

3. We are bulletproof: the eternal

4. Moon

5. Inner Child

6. Make it right

7. Autumn leaves

8. Epilogue- Young Forever

9.whailen 52

10. My universe

11. Life goes on

12. Blue&grey


14. Still with you

15. Love Maze

16. Magic Shop

17. Seoul

18. Euphoria- adding this late and so embarrassed, cause how could I forget EUPHORIA!!!!!

I’m very much aware I still haven’t been through alot of their first few albums, so you may be looking at this list thinking I’ve missed a few. But there will be a part two coming very soon.

What’s your favorite BTS calming/healing song?! Is it on my list? Let me know in the comments down below. Until next time Army…..

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