Forgiving Doja Cat?


One thing I’ve struggled with lately when it comes to pop culture/ Hollywood , is forgiveness. Take Chris Brown for example, he did something really horrible and it took me forever to forgive him, even though it didn’t personally happen to me and I don’t even know him or Rihanna. I just felt like as a human and a WOMAN, it was unacceptable. Fast forward 10 years and he’s still the same abusive little boy who won’t take responsibility for his actions. Which makes me wonder was I right for holding his actions against him in the first place?

I say all of that to say this, who am I too judge? I’m not god or a higher power and surely my opinion doesn’t matter nor does it affect chris brown or any celebrity personally. They get cancelled for a day, then continue to make money and be rich& famous.

This was my issue with Doja. Initially I thought I would LOVE her, because she’s sexually liberated and weird as hell. Two things I pride myself on. But then her scandal happens with the sex- chatting Nazis and being racist, and honestly that left a bad taste in mouth. And suddenly she rubbed me the wrong way and I couldn’t look past it.

Yes people make mistakes and there’s always more sides to a story than one. It was the fact she never really apologized and just kinda brushed it under the rug. And like always she was cancelled for five minutes then back to being loved and worshipped.

It doesn’t help that her album planet her is AMAZING. And that every collab she’s been on has been a major hit. So she was damn near impossible for me to avoid.

Out of curiosity I decided to sit down and give Planet her a listen and I instantly fell in LOVE. I will give Doja her credit, she’s an amazing artist and extremely talented. She just happens to have alot of internal mixed girl issues, that I wish she would solve privately.

It brings me to this question, should we separate the artist from their work? Can we honestly forgive Doja? Can we support artists but still hold them accountable when they’re wrong?

The answer to all of those is simply: YES. just like I forgave Chris Brown and any other celebrity that holds no merit over my life, I can forgive Doja and love her music.

Planet her really is an entire BOP and can’t wait to see what her next work sounds like.

Do you think celebrities deserve our forgiveness? Or does it not even matter? Leave your opinions down below. And until next time….

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