What will Halle Do Next?

By : Shanise Lachelle

We’ve all seen what Chloe is bringing to the table and it’s been a bop.

I’m so excited to see what miss Halle will bring. We all know she’ll be princess Ariel in the new little mermaid and that’s going to be so exciting for little black girls everywhere to see, especially with her beautiful locs.

Musically I can’t wait, Chloe is the Beyonce and Halle is the Solange. She may look super sweet and calm, but I just know there’s a little savage under there waiting to come out.

She has such a beautiful aura and captivating voice. When she sang at Disney for the Christmas special, I literally cried tears. Her voice and stage presence is so magical and equally as captivating as Chloe.

They really are just such a amazing duo and balance each other out . Halle whenever you’re ready girl, we’re ready too!!

What do you Halle’s solo music will sound like?! And have you like Chloe’s music so far?!

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