Favorite Female Artists

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy Tuesday , I hope everyone is well and saying safe and warm! Today we’re going to be talking about my favorite and top female artists at the moment.

These female artists I feel best describe me at the moment and have for the last few years. If I was to compile a ” Shanise Playlist”, these ladies would occupy most of the list. So let’s get into it.


Probably the coolest and most underrated artist on this list! She continues to put out pure, honest, beautiful, creative albums. She’s not for everyone, as she can be a tad bit on the “odd” side, but her talent certainly outshines that and her vocals are otherworldly. Her personality honestly just adds to her talent. She’s unapologetically herself and that’s makes her music even better, because she’s not trying to be like everyone else. Not to mention she’s an incredible dancer and puts 200% Into every performance! I’ve legit never heard a bad thing about Fka Twigs. ( Unless you’re a Robert Pattinson fan girl of course).

Honorable Mention: Mary Magdalene: This album is completely flawless from top to bottom. Be ready to cry then twerk it out.


This billionaire Lady needs no introduction what so ever. She’s arguably one of the most famous people on the Planet. Designers love her and Rappers can’t get enough of her. A true self maid billionaire and has made an entire empire off her brand- FENTY. Rihanna just sells confidence. When you look at her, you feel it, you see it. You know she just holds herself high. Her music is no exception, even if we haven’t gotten a new album in YEARS. We don’t need one at this point, ANTI is still her best selling album to date! And it’s still a fan favorite and my absolute favorite album she’s ever done!! It’s a masterpiece and an album I’ll never get tired off. Every song is a bop and there is a song for every mood you could ever be in. ANTI has shaped my entire personality over the years and I’m so thankful.

Honorable Mention: ANTI: the album none of her peers have topped if I’m being honest.


Me and Doja have had a complicated past and she’s a recent fave. I still kind of side her and all her controversy. But her talent and music is UNMATCHED. She quietly made her way up and has completely overwhelmed every pop rapper that came out along side her. She’s featured on every ones songs and her album PLANET HER is an entire masterpiece. I was absolutely shook when I sat down and enjoyed the whole album. I usually I have a few songs I would skip, but not with planet her. I feel this album is going to become a staple for my personality and life in 2022. It’s the energy I’m going to be carrying and I can’t wait .

Honorable Mention: Planet HER: IF you’ve heard the album then you understand. Not to mention her singles from the album are good, but the bsides are even BETTER. that’s how you know you have a good album.

There you have it, my top female artists. Who are some of your favorite female artists right now? Let me know in the comments down below….until next time.

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