What’s Going On With Demi Lovato!?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy Tuesday, and we’re back with a Demi Post . Demi has been in the media this past year from their heartbreaking YouTube documentary, their Amazing new album, to their singing with aliens on TV. 2021 was a pretty booked and busy year for the former Disney star. Although I loved THE ART OF STARTING OVER, demi honestly started to rub me the wrong way. Almost like they have completely changed and not in a good way. It sort of feels very forced and all for attention. But obviously I don’t know them personally, so it isn’t for me to say that this isn’t their true form or personality. It just feels a bit much. They have so much talent, and now it’s being overshadowed once again by their alien antics and them being on drugs.

So imagine my surprise when it was announced this weekend that they had secretly entered rehab and had been released. Noone had any idea, not that it’s our business , but they’ve made it a thing to be very open with all of their personal struggles.

They celebrated their rehab release by shaving their head and getting a spider tattoo. All of their recent actions worry me and I fear they’re not honestly getting the help they need. These little 5 minute rehab stints don’t seem to be working. Especially if you have to KEEP going back. At what point does demi WANT to really get better and stop being influenced by the Hollywood party scene?!

I honestly feel like they should take a few years off, but once again that’s on their family and team to make. If they feel like they’re fine, then I guess we will just have to wait and see. I will support them no matter what. I just want them to be healthy and happy! And be known for their talent, no all these shenanigans.

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