Favorite Female Artists

Happy Tuesday , I hope everyone is well and saying safe and warm! Today we’re going to be talking about my favorite and top female artists at the moment. These female artists I feel best describe me at the moment and have for the last few years. If I was to compile a ” ShaniseContinue reading “Favorite Female Artists”

Spring break 2019 playlist

1. No more sad songs-little mix 2.money-cardi b 3.fefe-69 and Nicki Minaj 4.touch-little mix 5.thottiana- what’s his face🤔 6. Twerk-city girls ft cardi b 7.beautiful-snoop dog and Pharrell 8.holy -king princess 9.think about us-little mix 10.drop it like it’s Hott -snoop dog 11. Mr. lover boy-little mix 12.party-Beyoncé 13.7/11-Beyoncé 14.we found Love-Rihanna 15.kiss it better-Continue reading “Spring break 2019 playlist”