Chloe Hate!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Since Chloe decided to step out as an solo artist and show us what Chloe is really made of, it’s been sort of hit and miss with audiences alike.

I will admit, some of her cover videos and videos on her social media, shock me. But not in a BAD way , but more of a okay do you I guess girl way. I’ve always noticed how sexual and how big of a performer Chloe was when she’s with her sister. And I just knew she was dying to let it all out once she became solo and LEGAL. Chloe has been in this game since she was a CHILD, and Beyonce is her mentor. She’s not a dummy and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Of course some of her mannerisms will remind us of Beyonce, that’s her mentor! But this has always been who Chloe was, she just couldn’t show us yet. Can it be a bit MUCH at times!? Absolutely, not every little thing has to be sexual. But also who cares!? It’s her career and honestly sex sells.

I think this word and industry is so cruel to black women and girls. We are never given the same space and opportunity as white women and girls to flourish and grow . We can’t explore out identity or sexuality without being called ” white” or weird. Why is white the standard for everything that’s different?!

Why is Taylor swift allowed to grow and be sexy, or even Ariana grande? But Chloe can’t do the same?! It’s all internalized racism and Hollywood is full of it.

They love to see black women as play things and over sexualize us, but when we own that sexuality, then it’s a problem!.

I say good for Chloe, give her time, let her learn herself and grow . It’s not hurting anyone, and in the meantime if it’s bothering you this much, just unfollow her.

Until next time friends….

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