BTS in Las Vegas

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last week Bts dropped 4 Permission To Dance tour dates, randomly and in the middle of the day. The new stop this time is Las Vegas.

Initially I got super excited and went to sign up for membership presale and look up flights. Then that panic and anxiety set it in, when I started to think about ticketing.

Then I sat back and made some real adult life choices. Technically I’ve seen this show 3 times already and was gonna buy to watch it live when they’re in Seoul. I couldn’t get tickets to see it in theaters, because it sold out everywhere super fast. So I was already defeated.

I’m feeling like the universe is telling me to sit these shows out, I KNOW FOR A FACT A WORLD TOUR IS COMING. So I rather save money up for a new show and new songs .

I flew to LA back in November and had the best time, but I was also super stressed out and I’m still paying the debt off that trip. So it would be financially irresponsible to try and fly to Vegas on a whim in April.

I understand BTS don’t control their tour schedules, but it seems very unfair and stressful the way they’ve been dropping merch and tour dates LATLEY. And it’s kind of putting me in a Bts funk, because being army is starting to take a toll on my mental and financial health.

It’s getting so HARD, to keep up. Not to mention it’s super frustrating when you can never get merch or anything.

I Still love BTS with everything in me, just not a honest fan of how their label has been doing things this year.

I’m so excited for army’s who couldn’t go to La, to go to Vegas and experience them Live. It’s truly the best time you’ll ever have!!! And I’m happy for the boys to see army’s AGAIN.

I’ll personally be sitting these shows out and waiting on the comeback!!

How do you feel about the Vegas shows?! Are you gonna try for tickets? Do you agree with my perspective? Let me know in the comments down below, until next time friends….

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