Stray Kids are Maniacs!

By: Shanise Lachelle

We are now entering Comeback Season as many groups are gearing up to release new music for the spring/Summer. One of the first groups to get something new out there is STRAY KIDS .

Now I’m not a stray kids fan, but do casually listen to them. But not in the way that I’ll go look up their music, more so if it’s playing I won’t turn it off. I can’t even honestly name one stray kids song, but I can mumble some words and beats and HOPE you get the song I’m referring to .

They’ve kind of gotten slack from the kpop snobs of the community for making “Noise” music, and all of their music sounding similar. Which I don’t personally think is a problem, but can get a little repetitive and annoying.

Maniac is the newest single and it’s surprisingly not their usual noise music. The beat does switch up, but only once and it flows. Obviously the most catchy part of the song is Felix’s chorus of the song. His voice is just so deep and Rich, it just instantly digs deep into your soul. The choreography is nice and goes well with the song. I especially like the head turning move they do with the chorus. I can see a lot of transition videos being made to this song on TikTok.

As an casual listener I’d give it 4/5, just because I’m not a fan, but it’s also NOT a bad song. The video is super cool and I love the aesthetics. And of course the boys look great.

Are you a stray kids fan?! Are you excited for this comeback?! What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always untill next time friends….

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