Little Mix is Live.

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last week Little Mix started their Confetti/Farewell Tour, and it’s been very emotional for fans and the little mix girls.

Jade has already broken down at the majority of the shows and I believe they’ve only had 4 shows so far. I was interested to see them fully as a 3 piece and they did not disappoint. They sound GREAT and look even BETTER. Perrie and Leigh are brand new mum’s and it hasn’t even been a year yet since them giving birth to their babies. And they look healthy and they’re thriving.

Wasn’t sure if I was Honestly a fan of the tour looks at first, but it truly does fit the confetti theme and it fits little mix. I love how the girls are always up to try something different and they can pull off anything.

This set list isn’t my favorite, only because it’s more of a farewell tour setlist and NOT a confetti tour setlist. Where’s rendezvous, a mess( happy 4 you) , nothing but my feelings? All of the truly great confetti songs they left out. I understand not every song can make the cut , but if it’s a CONFETTI TOUR, shouldn’t the songs reflect that!? I do love however how they included a LOT of fan favorites like: LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME.

I’ve been keeping up with the shows through social media and it’s making me super emotional. I can’t believe they’re going on “BREAK” , after this. I’ve been here since X-factor and never thought we’d be here so soon . I’m as always so proud of my girls, but will miss them Bunches. That last show footage is SurE to break all of us mixers down.

Are you a fan of LITTLE MIX? What do you think so far of the Confetti Tour? What do you think of the hiatus?! Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always until next time friends…

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