Sneakers Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends , and we’re back with another post where I am EATING my words. Yes I’m talking about how much I didn’t like Sneakers , just by the preview alone and NOW I love it. Let’s get into it.

“Put my Sneakers on”, is so damn catchy you can’t help but be happy while listening to it and singing along. I will admit when I heard the preview I was NOT impressed by a long shot. But I should have known my girls wouldn’t have let me down and once again they completely ate this concept up!!

I was so confused when I saw the royal concept then their usual girl crush concept. And could NEVER imagine the two going together well. But in typical ITZY fashion they were unique and totally pulled it off.

The girls look amazing and of course we all now have a new signature choreography move to be obsessed with. If it’s one thing Itzy is going to do , it’s give us a signature move!!

Sneakers is a total secret bop and I would have ever seen that coming honestly!! I give it 5/5. It’s one of my favorite singles they’ve ever done and it gives me total Dalla Dalla vibes.

Every comeback Itzy continues to out do themselves while staying true to what makes them different. Sneakers is sure to be a K-pop summer bop! I’ll have it on at every opportunity.

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