Girls Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Girls is finally out in the world and just as Aespa Does, it’s a hit!!

After hearing illusion, I wasn’t worried about how Girls would sound or if I would like it. In fact just like all their other songs , I knew Girls would have to grow on me and it definitely did and I love it!!

The video is super cool and definitely ties the song together and brings Girls to life. Each girl has their shinning moment and each girl kills it!

Girls was the first video of Aespas where I didn’t think ONE girl outshined the other. They all stood out equally.

I can’t say just who owned Girls because all four girls did such a great job. My bias is NingNing. And I thought my Bias Wrecker would be Winter, but lately Ms Karina has been stealing my heart!! And completely leaving me speechless with her vocals and sharp moves! She’s more than just a pretty face.

No matter how Giselles behavior bothers me , she does amazing in this song And looks even better! the red hair is definitely making her entire personality pop. She seems to be gaining more confidence as well.

I do think Aespas rap line is my favorite at the moment. Just because the girls seem more comfortable and natural when rapping. And doesn’t seem like a title that the company just threw at them. They deliver each line with such sharpness and sass.

I haven’t listened to the new songs yet, but plan to very soon and will then come back with a review!

I give Girls a 5/5. The looks, fashion, makeup and choreography was a HIT in my book!

Once again Aespa smashes it out the park!


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