NewJeans is worth all the HYPE.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hybe has introduced a brand new girl group, under the stage name of NEW JEANS. Not to much of a fan of their name but BOY do these girls have the talent and charisma to be the next IT girl group of the 4th generation.

I was just scrolling on YouTube last week when I saw hybe had posted ATTENTION by New Jeans on their YouTube. I saw it was a girl group and I was curious so I clicked and I immediately loved the laid back chillness of the song. It’s an instant bop! Not to mention the choreography is a total smash and the girls eat it up.

Then they released another hit, HYBEBOY, with another addicting choreography and catchy verses.

I tend to stay away from a lot of the newer 4th generation groups, because they are so young. But I couldn’t help start to adore NEW JEANS. I see them as my little sisters and as a lover of hybe, I will support and love them!

I give both ATTENTION AND NEW JEANS 5/5. I can’t wait to see what else the girls have up their sleeves.

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