Stuck In My Head

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, we’re back with a new segment titled “STUCK IN MY HEAD” where I’ll be talking about all the new music that I just can’t get enough of. Todays STUCK IN MY HEAD is all about the K-pop music I just can’t enough of lately. So let’s get into it!!


New Jeans- Hype Boy

Ever since they’ve caught my attention two weeks ago, I’ve been OBSESSED with their songs!! And they haven’t even officially debuted yet! Hype boy is SUCH A BOP.


Nayeon- Pop

It’s no secret that Nayeons Pop as been ALL over TikTok and I’m living for it. It’s not my favorite song off her new album but it’s definitely one of my favorites and it’s constantly in my head!


Itzy- Sneakers

It’s funny because I absolutely hated this song before it came out and didn’t think I would vibe with it at all! And now even though it’s not their best single by a LONGGGG shot, it’s super catchy and fun!! And I just can’t help myself, not to mention it’s a fun summer comeback when everyone else is being edgy! Love Itzy for always going against the crowd!

What’s some of your favorite K-pop songs that have been stuck in your head lately?!

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