Boo Bitch Review


By:Shanise Lachelle

Boo Bitch is the name of Netflix’s new comedy/horror. Odd name for an even odder show, let’s dig into it.

Boo Bitch starring Netflix darling Lana Condor, is about two best friends who want to end their senior year on a high note and live their last few months to the fullest. When tragedy strikes and Lana’s character “Erika”, dies.

The show then goes with everyone still being to see her and as her time is running out she’s trying to tie up loose ends , with her besties help, so she can peacefully cross over.

I will say the show had it’s funny and super cute moments. And the cast did what they could with the script. But it also had it’s super cringey moments and I had to look away at times because I simply could not take it seriously z. But alas I kept watching , and found myself kind of liking the show.

I will overall give the show 3/5 , it was pure Netflix comedy. So enjoyable but not the a cinematic masterpiece by any means.

Lana shines in everything she’s in and I can’t wait to see her in more films and shows ,OUTSIDE of Netflix.

How ever the real star of this mini series was Zoe Colletti ! She plays the best friend to Lana’s character and they played so well of each other on screen.

The one and only thing I liked about this show was the twist and I honestly didn’t see it coming. But once it came , it did make a lot of sense and added so much more to the show.

Boo Bitch is the perfect mini series for fall and upcoming Halloween season! It’s not scary at all and gets you right in the mood for spooky time.

It’s not the best show on earth, but you will have a great spooky time on the way.


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