Talk that Talk Or MoonLight Sunrise?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy Tuesday, today we’re gonna be talking about the latest Twice singles and which one I favored more. Let’s get into it….

First things first Twice never had a bad single . I started to become a fan during Alcohol Free era and was hooked immediately after. And ever since then it’s been Bop and Bop .

Talk That Talk came first late last year and the K-pop fans all collectively LOVED it. It was typical twice, catchy song, the girls looked great and the vocals were top tier. Not to mention the choreography took over TikTok instantly, making many TikTok challenges. At the time I was like “ it definitely can’t get any better than this, this my favorite twice single EVER.

Of course now I’m eating my words and they’ve topped themselves once again with Moonlight Sunrise. With a catchy hook and chorus set to a early 2000s R&B beat, Twice are proving why they’re here to stay ! Not to mention it’s still the classic K-pop style just with that Twice twist.

Moonlight Sunrise is definitely my favorite single from them since I became a fan. And I LOVED Alcohol Free until the wheels came off. They’re well into their adulthood but we’ve never seen twice been this explicit without actually being explicit. And they did it all while keeping their cute and girly concept.

Moonlight Sunrise definitely wins this round. I can feel it being my spring time:Spring break song of 2023!!

Which single from Twice did you love more?! I personally LOVED BOTH, but Moonlight Sunrise just hit me in my BONES.

Twice are proving they’re here to stay and only getting better with time. They’re truly the girl group to beat.


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