Shinee World review

Last night or this morning if you want to be technical, shinee gave us the Performances of their lives!! I’ve been to a few kpop online concerts, but I’ve NEVER been to a shinee concert. I am a baby fan and became a fan during don’t call me era. These boys know how to putContinue reading “Shinee World review”

Bambi reaction/review

The VOCALS, the CHOREO, THE VISUALS!?!! did baekhyun completely eat bambi up!?! Yes, yes he did. I was a little worried when he said bambi would be westernized, my immediate thought was ” ew why, american music all sounds the same”, but I was completely shocked and SHOOK after hearing bambi. It’s definitely grown upContinue reading “Bambi reaction/review”

Grandpa Taehyung

When I first discovered Bts, and I was making my rounds trying to figure out just who my bias was, I had a moment with tae. Dynamite V brought it out of me and I was like just gassed , because homeboy was fine AS HELL DURING DYNAMITE ERA, LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. AndContinue reading “Grandpa Taehyung”

Bye Chan

Exo-ls our big dimple baby is off to the military tommorow. This is my first time stanning a group where I’m present for a member leaving, and it’s sad. I’m still working my way through exo and all of their solo works and I promise yours is next. I pray you work hard, but pleaseContinue reading “Bye Chan”

Delight review/ Favorites

Ahh , I know this review is extremely late. Considering I’ve been listening to this album on repeat and having several dance parties for weeks now. I finally got around to listening to my little bacons second ep and as expected I LOVED IT. Exo members are just really exceptional at doing R&b music. It’sContinue reading “Delight review/ Favorites”

Exo the war review

I’m finally getting around to writing about my favorite songs off the war. Firstly I ordered the Chinese version, I didn’t know they had both a korean/Chinese version. So imagine my surprise when I listen to the eve and it sounds NOTHING like the youtube version I’ve been listening too. Anyways it still slaps andContinue reading “Exo the war review”

Favorite Male idols

Now this has to be my favorite list I’ve ever put together. Here are (some,) of my favorite Male kpop idols . In no particular order, even though by now alot of you should know who my biases are. Everyone on this list is EXTRA talented, I just know if kpop was americanized , they’dContinue reading “Favorite Male idols”

The most distinctive voices in kpop- Male edition

Happy Tuesday, last night an idea came to me, who’s voices would I able to pick out of any song in a heartbeat right now in kpop?! I’m talking one word and BOOM, I know who that is. Who’s got the most distinctive male voices right now?! Well here’s my list. 1.Onew -shinee I’ve onlyContinue reading “The most distinctive voices in kpop- Male edition”