Jennifer’s Body


If I had to pick one movie that defined me as the woman I am today, it would definitely be JENNIFER’S BODY.

Now I know reading that might make you question my sanity, but seeing this film in highschool really changed me.

The movie follows Jennifer played by Megan Fox, who turns into man eating demon. The film came out In 2009 and was ahead of it’s time. I remember so many of my classmates leaving the theater being disappointed and confused by the film. While I was left excited and rejuvenated.

I’d never seen a movie be so equally funny yet so disturbing at the same time! Not to mention the soundtrack was superb!!

It also piped my interest with my sexuality, and I’ve seen so many girls say the same about this film. It’s become a Halloween staple for me, but I’ll never pass up the chance to watch it anytime it’s on.

Please I’f you’ve never seen it, sit down and give it a chance. It’s a cult classic and so so good. I truly believe this was the best Megan Fox movie ever. And she’ll maybe never top it.

Are you a fan of Megan Fox and Jennifer’s Body? Have you seen it? Let me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed it or not.

Until next time….

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