Halloween Kills

By : Shanise Lachelle

We’re back with another horror review, and this time it’s all about Halloween Kills. I was really excited for this next installment with the lastest reboots of Halloween, because it seemed like we were finally putting this franchise to bed with these last films.

Halloween Kills picks up right where the 2018 Halloween left off and to say it was very lackluster and hilarious, is not saying much. Now did this film just rack up the body count and kills? Very much so, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many bodies be dropped so fast early into any movie or throughout. Everytime I thought it was done for a while, atleast 6 more people died in the most gruesome ways.

Laurie Strode is present in this film, but spends the majority of the film in the hospital injured, knowing she will have to be the one to put him down in the end . That right there just let me know we were going to get another film, even though I don’t think we necessarily need one.

Halloween Kills is a fun time, but you can definitely tell it’s more of a place holder until we get to the final installment of Halloween Ends .

*spoiler alert*

The whole escaped mental patient plot line got really annoying. Because the towns people have never seen Michael Myers, they assumed this mentally ill man was the masked killer. Even though the body frame didn’t even match. And the mentally ill patient was running around causing chaos in his patient attire. Why would Michael change up his wardrobe all of a sudden after 20 or so years?? So an angry mob assembled through the town to kill ” Michael Myers”, but instead ended up killing the wrong guy. That whole entire plot line was a waste to me, and it just seems like the writes needed something to push the story along.

All in all I definitely liked the 2018 reboot better, this one lacked a lot of plot to keep me interested. I seriously ended up laughing at so many parts of this movie and not even the parts that were intended to be funny.

I would give it 3/5, honestly just because I know Laurie strode is going to handle his ass the next film. And the kills were a good time.

*Spoiler Alert*

Definitely didn’t see that last kill coming , and I know that’s going to set Laurie off so she can do what needs to be done!

Are you a Halloween franchise fan!? Do you like these new reboots?! Are you excited for Halloween Ends?!

Let me know in the comments down below. And as always until next time friends….

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