Who Is Gracie Abrams?

By : Shanise Lachelle

I was on Instagram a couple of days ago, and saw a mutual post about how much they enjoyed Gracie’s concert . Then I saw another mutual post about her and it got me curious.

Then I went onto YouTube and FEELS LIKE was the first video I saw. And then I realized I’d heard this song all over TikTok, but just didn’t pay it any mind or care to look up who it is by. I fully sat down and watched the video and instantly fell in love with feels like.

One thing about me, I LOVE a little indie girl. And her music so far seems to be right up my alley. Her music feels like the songs you play in a coming of age movie.

I would have NEVER looked at her and thought that voice would have come out of her. She seems to be friends with Taylor swift and Olivia Rodrigo, so I can see the comparisons.

I can’t wait to dive more into Miss Gracie Abrams and see what she’s all about.

Are you a Gracie Abrams Fan?! Let me know some of your favorite songs by her , so I can check them out.

As always until next time friends…..

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