Between Twice 1&2

By: Shanise Lachelle

Once’s it’s almost our time to SHINE, twice is back with another mini album!!

Imagine my shock as i logged in and saw that twice was having yet another comeback!! A part of me is super excited and can’t wait to see what my girls have cooked up. Another part of me is like “damn didn’t they just have a comeback earlier this year?!” I know JYP is known for overworking the girls , I just hope they’re all well rested and are actually okay.

To be honest I’m still jamming out to Nayoens POP, and I kind of thought another member would go solo before we got another twice comeback! The girls are truly the most hardworking girls in K-pop right now. We get at least two comebacks a year, where as most groups only do ONE! They’re unstoppable right now, they even did two tours back to back this year! 2022 is truly the year of TWICE.

What do you think it will sound like!? I’m so excited and can’t wait to watch my girlies eat it up!


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