The Issue With Cookie


Hybes new girl group is already facing a lot of scrutiny! But not for the reasons you might be thinking, so let’s get into K-pop’s latest scandal!

New Jeans just debuted last Friday and they’re already taking the K-pop world by storm with their fire singles “Attention and Hype Boy”.

But it’s their latest single COOKIE, that’s causing a lot of discussion about girl groups and them being taken advantage of.

New Jeans is a group of young girls ranging in ages from 18-14. So it’s understandable why fans and Stan’s don’t want the girls to be sexualized . The girls made a video for their fandom and explained the new song COOKIE and how it’s for the fans. But if you listen to the song is clearly a song with innuendos about the guy wanting a girls “cookie”.

While the song is a very catchy song and a for sure bop, I did think it was kind of inappropriate upon first listen. I had to go look up their ages because of the outrage on TIKTOK.

The song is a hit, but I do think this raises the question of how far the K-pop industry will go? And why would they think this song was appropriate for young girls who are barley legal?

The song would have been better suited for Itzy or Aespa ,even BlackPink. as they’re are all young adults. Even through all the outage the song is blowing up and making the girls even more popular.

I do hope the label takes notice of the outrage and moving forward makes better judgement on what the girls put out. I will say their promotion is very age appropriate. And their stage looks are appropriate as well with the girls wearing long safety shorts under their skirts!

I see New Jeans having a long and successful career, they’re very talented. I just hope it’s a safe environment for them to thrive and grow up slowly and not force them to be sexual too soon.


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