Aespa My World Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Aespa is back with another HIT album MY WORLD. And it is truly serving cunt, slay, savage and I’m loving every bit of it!! The girls have left the fantasy world of KWANGA and have entered the Real World , and I’m loving this new era for the girls. Everything feels new and fresh and I’m so excited for this comeback!!

Here’s my favorites in order from their new album!! I didn’t think anything could top Savage& Girls but alas they’ve done it again and I’m GAGGED.

1. Spicy

2. Welcome to my world

3. Thirsty

4. Til we meet again

5. I’m Unhappy

6. Salty &sweet

I literally can’t get Spicy out of my head and have been singing it non stop. Not to mention the girls look PHENOMENAL in the video. The stylists did what needed to be done!! Blonde karina has been a MOMENT in time honey!!!

Have you heard My World yet? Do you prefer Savage? What’s your top favorites off the new album? Let’s talk about it in the comments below…..

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