The mess that is TAU

The third single off of little mixes LM5 is think about us, and the promo for it has been all over the place! They’ve done all of 3 tv performances of it and haven’t done much radio promo for it. Cut to the video being hyped up by all four girls and them posting teasers,Continue reading “The mess that is TAU”


The 2019 Grammys were last night ! Even though I didn’t watch this year and only had a slight clue who was nominated,I was still able to catch up on some pretty memorable highlights from social media. Cardi b made history ,Chloexhalle were AMAZING,Miley Cyrus and Shawn mendes DID THAT, janelle monae shut it DOWNContinue reading “Grammys”

Top 5 favorite musicals of all time.

High school musical 1,2,3( sue me I was a child when I first fell inlove with musicals and these films introduced me to the theater world) and let’s not act like these films don’t have bops on all 3 soundtracks. Rent. LISTEN THIS SOUNDTRACK IS HEAVEN. Every single song is HEAVEN. Mamma mia. A wholeContinue reading “Top 5 favorite musicals of all time.”

Favorite songs of LM5

Here are some of my current faves off LM5. (It changes everyday though tbh) .monster in me .think about us .forget you not .love a girl right .more than words .wasabi .only you Have you listened to LM5 yet?? What’s your favorite track off little mix’s latest album?