Namjoon Hate

By : Shanise Lachelle

One thing I’ve noticed and that absolutely gets on my nerves. Is when people drag namjoon into racism arguments when their fave has done something racially insensitive. Let’s talk about it.

Every time a 4th gen or 2nd boy/girl do something racist, Namjoon is the first name people use to justify what they favorite has done.

Last time I checked, racism is bad over all. Using someone else to make your favorite look better by dragging someone else down, does NOT erase what your favorite ignorant boy has done .

Namjoon may have not out right apologized, but he has educated himself and worked with different people to right his wrongs. That’s the difference between your problematic favorite and Kim Namjoon. He’s owned up to his mistakes and had been publicly confronted about them. He addressed it and learned from it.

You can’t compare apples and Oranges. These newer idols if anything have the upper hand because they’re gen z. They absolutely know better and know when something shouldn’t be said or is offensive. We all have access to the internet and know without a doubt what certain things mean.

I’m in no way defending what namjoon said or did, because he was young and ignorant. But I know since he’s tried to make it better and actually appreciates the HIP-HOP/ Black Culture. Which is something I can’t say for these other idol rappers.

Dragging joons name into an argument doesn’t lessen what ever your kpop boy did. Instead of trying to throw the light on Joon, educate your fave. Because if it’s one thing namjoon is, it’s EDUCATED.

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