By : Shanise Lachelle

Since the debut of her mash hit “Driver’s License”, last year Olivia has been subjected to mass amounts of hate. Let’s talk about it….

Never mind the fat Olivia was 17/18 when driver’s license came out and she’s literally a child. That didn’t stop trolls,( Girls and boys alike), tearing her to absolute shreds. And it left me wondering , when did we start bullying children like this?

Every artist under the sun uses their personal experiences as inspiration for their albums/art. Yet the only two that have been publicly shamed for it are Taylor swift and Olivia Rodrigo.

What makes this even more interesting is that Olivia is a HUGE Taylor shift fan. So alot of people automatically started making those comparisons between the two, rather it be positive or negative.

People were then saying she ripped off another artists songs/ writing styles. And that honestly left me a bit baffled. I can name tons of singers who sing the same exact type of songs and in the same mannerisms. But noone says anything to them. Example: Billie Ellish is literally another version of LOURDE. And yet people praised her and worshipped the ground Billie walked on but not Olivia.

Who’s being called “crazy” and childish. It’s not lost on me that Olivia is mixed race and half Filipino . And that for sure plays a huge part in it.

The bullying got to such a head, Olivia went back and credited Paramore and Taylor swift on her album, which I don’t think was completely necessary at all .

She’s even being called a industry plant , because of her overnight success. Which confuses me because I’ve known about Olivia from Disney channel for YEARS, where she also sang.

It just shows how the world still sees powerful, successful, young women. As the enemy, Olivia never painted herself the victim or villain, the media did. She simply wrote about her feelings, negative and positive. And got hate for that.

Even though I’m 30, I could relate to alot of her album and I absolutely loved her album!! Age means nothing if the music is relatable and good . I liked how she wrote about the negative behavior/ emotions she had through her breakup. It made her seem more human and often we don’t talk enough about those emotions. We like to not been seen in that way when it’s completely normal to feel those things. You can’t have positive without the negative.

Obviously she’s not perfect but she never claimed to be. But the bullying of a child or young woman is NEVER okay. And I was so disappointed when I saw even army jumping on the train and hating her because of a rumor. She’s alot to learn, but do does alot of us when it comes to life .

The world hates to see a POC be on top and successful, yet if a white girl did it, noone would question it .

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