Dove is our Boyfriend

By : Shanise Lachelle

After having the snippet go viral a few weeks ago, dove promised she would release this dark queer anthem. And keep to her word she did.

The song is dark and full of feminine power and is truly for the WLW. dove’s vocals sound so smooth and rich, as she coos over each line telling the other woman why she would be a better boyfriend. “Plus all my clothes would fit”, is such a sassy and fun line.

My only issue with the song, is it’s too short. And the verses are really short. But boyfriend does what it needs to do . And fills are little queer hearts up! I will definitely be streaming, and I love anything and everything dove puts out. She’s an extremely talented vocalist. I manifest a full dove album by the end of 2022!

Can I also add how much more confident and sure of herself, ( and her sexuality), she is since she’s become single?! She’s booking more jobs, focusing on her music, and looking better than ever! I’m here for brunette queer dove. She’s iconic already.

Are you a fan of Dove Cameron? She was a Disney girl, but has blossomed fully since leaving. And do you like Boyfriend? Let me know in the comments down below. Until next time…

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