Brunette Dove!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Miss Dove Cameron has ditched her signature blonde locks for a darker look, and we are living.

If you don’t know who Dove Cameron is, she was a 2016-2020 Disney channel super star. She played Liv& Maddie, two completely different sisters on one show and she was one of the leads of Disney’s Descendants. Talk about talented, but in the last few years she’s branched off and done a couple of very mature projects. Most notably her Music. She’s also slowly becoming a little red carpet darling.

Dove is known for her fairy like facial qualities and pouty lips. But most of all her blonde hair, so imagine my surprise to open up Instagram to see how she had dyed it super dark. I thought it was a wig at first , but soon realized it was R E A L. And she looks every bit amazing. I wasn’t sure she could pull off such a dark vibe, but she’s been killing it. She’s really stepped into her own in the last two years, and I hate to be THAT person, but that’s what happens when you ditch the dead wait and become single. You get to know yourself better and you GLOW . And dove hasn’t stopped glowing since.

The chocolate brown hair with those green siren eyes!?!!!! How Deadly…..

Are you a dove fan? Or have you only noticed her recently? Check out her solo music on YouTube or any streaming sites. And follow her Instagram, she’s really cool and laid back .

Until next time friends….

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