Which Texas Chainsaw Massacre is Better?

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, we’re back with a Horror Post. I will be trying to slowly introduce more horror topics into this blog. As well as MORE kpop and all things girl power! I happen to love horror films just as much as I love kpop, so I hope you guys like the change and stick around.

This past weekend, I watched the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake or reboot. This film is suppose to follow and take place after the original film,( One I haven’t seen, OOPS). But I got the general premise, a girl and her friends were terrorized by a chainsaw wielding maniac and his family. And there was only one survivor, hint she tries to get her revenge in this latest film.

After seeing all of the reboots and remakes ,I decided to rate them favorite to least favorite. So here we go, don’t worry if you haven’t seen any of them I won’t be posting spoilers and the majority of them are up on Netflix right now.


The first remake we got, in my humble horror opinion, it’s way better than the original. And it introduced audiences to the most twisted gore scenes ever. And we got one of my favorite final girls from this film.


I liked the story line in this one more and how it flowed. And I generally felt bad for the friends in this film. Once again, Gore Galore.


I actually own this film but generally it was my absolute LEAST favorite of the franchise until recently. I hate any film that’s made in 3D when it doesn’t need to be, the acting was MID at best. But that carnival chase scene: TOP TIER. And 100 points for the plot twist towards the end.


Last but not least the newest Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Was awful and nothing about it stood out to me. Every single character in this film made stupid decisions. I literally was palming my face so hard, because In this day and age I would like to believe my generation is smarter than this. The only thing this movie had going for it was the kills and the sister dynamics, which didn’t pick up until they had to fight for their lives. I didn’t care when a “important character” died and it didn’t pull on my heart strings at ALL.

I do realize after doing this list that they’re all in the order they came out in. It wasn’t intentional, I just think horror over the last 10 years has fallen off. I am tired of the remakes and reboots. Give us something new, or simply continue the story like other franchises have. Stop remaking it!!

What do you think of this franchise? Are you a fan of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films? Have you seen the original? Let me know in the comments down below. And if you haven’t yet, go watch the remake up on Netflix. It’s entertaining for sure If one thing.

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