Run to You

By : Shanise Lachelle

The lovely girls of StayC have done it again, and released another banger!!

StayC seems to be the unproblematic girl group that everyone loves and supports, they’re just not as big as they’re counterparts ( ITZY, AESPA).

Yet they continue to quietly release hit after hit and do their thing without having any misses. And RUN TO YOU is not any different. It feels safe and warm and puts a smile on your face . It’s cute and feels like a typical real kpop song, not whatever kpop has been doing lately. It feels fresh and like falling inlove in the spring. And maybe that’s what everyone loves about StayC, they’re a real kpop girl group staying true to their Korean roots. And not trying to westernized their music for popularity.

I definitely give RUN TO YOU 5/5. The girls just never miss and it’s super catchy. Not to mention the video is gorgeous and all of the girls have their shinning moment.

Are you a STAYC fan? Did you enjoy Run To You ? Let me know in the comments down below. Until next time friends….

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