Nmixx harsh Debut

By : Shanise Lachelle

NMIXX is jyps new girl group, joining the ranks of twice and itzy. And already they’re facing major backlash .

Over the last two weeks, if you’ve been on any side of kpop social media you’ve seen the hate that NMIXX is getting . Fans and media alike are ripping apart their debut single , o.o.

So out of curiosity, I sat down and watched the video and what a glorious mess it was. From what I’ve seen since I joined the kpop world in 2020, is that we’re entering a noise music era . Which means labels, especially jyp and Sm, are VERY into making loud, mix matching beats. Just look at sticker by NCT. Or NEXT LEVEL by Aespa.

The problem there is , those songs actually work well with the chaos. And then you have stray kids and ALL of their music sounds like noise, but that’s their thing and it works for them .

The issue with o.o is it’s not a BAD song by any means, and if you break the song down, the difference parts of it would make a great song individually. Just not all together, it sounds super messy and we legit enter 3 different eras within one song, so it leaves you confused.

Now the choreo, vocals and aesthetic of the whole entire video is what’s saving the girlies a little . They look beautiful, sound even better and that choreography is actually insane and they KILL IT.

So it’s not that they aren’t talented, they are super talented. But their debut song is not it. It almost feels like their label sabotaged them on purpose to get the hype they’re getting. Because even though it’s negative attention and hype, it’s still hype and attention at the end of the day. And when I tell you for a good two weeks this was ALL the kpop world was talking about, Maybe this was jyps plan all along. It sure worked on me, I saw the absolute outrage and looked them up.

What do YOU think of NMIXX and their debut single? Are you a fan of the noise music kpop has been doing lately? Let me know in the comments down below, until next time.

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