Goodbye Little Mix.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Little Mix has finally entered their “break”. And millions of mixers are heartbroken but also so happy for the girls.

After 11 long years and one lost band mate later, the girl are finally getting the rest they need and on to their solo adventures . As a mixer from the beginning, I’ve been here for the good, bad and ugly! And I’m so proud of my girls! And I’m so excited for all of their solo albums or films.

I haven’t gotten myself to watch their last concert, but I’ve seen the clips and couple times stop crying. Little mix as a group means so much to me. Their music has been their for me through most of my breakups and ended friendships. Through all of my hardships, little mix was there. The group itself will NEVER be replaced in my heart. And they will always be my favorite girl group. I do hope they keep their word and come back and give us more music as little mix in the future.

Little Mix whatever you decide to do , I will follow and support you until the wheels fall off. Three of the most talented women I’ve ever met, also three of the most sincere women. Three of the funniest women, whatever you do in life will be great! I’ll always be a Mixer, 2011- until forever!!

LITTLE MIX, Thank-you so much for everything!!!!!

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